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Day 1 Arrive Lhasa, check in hotel, rest for acclimatization.

Day 2-4 Visit main attractions of Lhasa.

Day 5
Lhasa/Gyantse, via Kambala Pass (4791m) and Yamdrok Lake.

Day 6
Gyantse/Shikatse by bus. Hotel Shiatsu.

Day 7
S/s in shikatse.

Day 8
Shikatse/Damxung, bus, local hotel.

Day 9
Lake Namtso. Bus round trip.

Day 10
Damxung/Naqchu. Naqchu Hotel.

Day 11
Naqchu/Tortorge. Hotel Golmud.

Day 12
Tortorhe/Goldmud. Hotel Goldmud.

Day 13
Goldmud/Tunhuang, Tunhuang Hotel.

Day 14
S/s Tunhuang, including mogao caves

Day 15
Tuanhuang/Hami,local hotel.

Day 16
Hami/Tulufan,Luzhou Hotel.

Day 17
S/s in Tulufan.

Day 18
Hami/Tulufan, Luzhou Hotel.

Day 19
S/s in Tulufan.

Day 20
Tulufan/Urumqi. Huaqiao Hotel or similar.

Day 21
City hour.

Day 22
Urumqi/Kashgar by air. Hotel Kashgar.

Day 23
City hour and local bazaar.

Day 24
Kashgar/Tashikurgan, local hotel.

Day 25

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